Hexagon Fast Track – our new service

Hexagon Mediation is launching a specific mediation service to provide assistance and leadership in dispute resolution.

Hexagon Fast Track is a dedicated online or telephone mediation service provided by highly experienced mediators at a fixed and reduced cost from our usual charges, to provide an effective dispute resolution service in these times of need.

We will provide a focused 4 hour mediation session with an expert mediator to seek to achieve resolution between the parties. We will apply our wide knowledge and experience as mediators for the benefit of the parties to try to get to a resolution. All of our mediators have conducted at least 100 mediations each.

A mediation can be arranged within a matter of days.

We believe that this service will be attractive to many parties that need a helping hand to help them resolve their dispute. The involvement of an independent person to work with the parties to reach agreement is a proven and effective method.

This service may not be suitable for all disputes however – and to be clear, we continue to provide full day mediation services, either online or face to face during this period.

Our service provides:

  • Up to 4 hours online or telephone mediation
  • We will provide a fixed rate for the mediation – which can be paid by one party or split between them:
    • Disputes of up to £50,000 in value                             £350 plus VAT per party
    • Disputes of between £50,000 to £100,000                £400 plus VAT per party
    • Disputes between £100,000 to £250,000                  £500 plus VAT per party
    • Additional time beyond 4 hours           £170 plus VAT per hour per party
    • Other arrangements may be made by agreement
    • Cost includes all preparation time, set up and attendance at the session
    • Payment required ahead of the mediation
  • The service can be used by direct access by parties, or by parties with legal advice and assistance


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.Tel 0845 475 0115 or enquiries@hexagonmediation.com


As has been said often in recent months, these are unprecedented times.

As we emerge from the Covid imposed lockdown, many challenges are being faced by businesses and individuals in the changing landscape. There are predictions from many of an increase in the number of disputes that will arise during the period of readjustment.

Issues are likely to arise for many businesses as dealings with suppliers and customers will be affected, as well as issues within businesses such as shareholder, partner and employee disputes. Equally, legal issues may arise for individuals.

The court system will struggle to cope with any substantial increase in work, given the inevitable backlog caused by its own restricted operations in recent months. Furthermore, not all disputes are necessarily best served by a litigation process.

Many of the issues that will arise will ideally require a swift remedy, and at a proportionate cost to the issues in dispute. There has been widespread recognition of the role that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can play in dealing with disputes.

In the early stages of Covid-19, Lord Neuberger and Lord Phillips, former Presidents of the Supreme Court, called for breathing space before parties resorted to litigation, and emphasised the benefits of conciliation and mediation. The Cabinet Office also encouraged parties to engage in responsible contractual behaviour, in particular in dealing in disputes.

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