We recognise that many disputes have international aspects. This may be because:


  • the parties come from different countries or cultures; or
  • the conflict has arisen when trading, investing or being resident overseas.


The benefit of mediation over litigation or arbitration in these types of disputes is it can be country and culturally neutral. It is also particularly suited to complex multi-party disputes where potentially a series of suits may be brought against different parties in multiple jurisdictions. Mediation provides a ‘one stop shop’ to these situations.


The process can be flexed to meet the demands of finding a solution to an international dispute.


According to a EU funded study, the time wasted by not using mediation (based on a claim of €200,000) is estimated at an average of between 331 and 446 extra days in the EU.


The changing political face of the EU and beyond with Brexit is likely to mean that many contractual relationships are open to review and mediation can be an effective tool for bringing about change where it is resisted.

Mediation Settlement agreements can have teeth cross border. Mediation Settlement Agreements between parties in the EU can now be recognised and enforced throughout the EU under the EU Mediation Directive. Some Mediation Providers, such as the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, offer enforcement of med-arb agreements under the New York Convention for the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.


Amongst our panel we have mediators who are:


  • Highly skilled in resolving international disputes;
  • Cross culturally aware;
  • Cross border specialist;
  • speak Italian and French;
  • Fully accredited with INADR to mediate in the US;
  • Fully accredited as ADRg International Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) Mediators


We can mediate international disputes face to face, by telephone, or using an Online Dispute Resolution platform. The latter two options are cost and time effective, meaning the parties can resolve their disputes from their own desks.


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