Seminars in Mediation Awareness Week

Hexagon Mediation will be holding two free seminars during Mediation Awareness Week

Venue: Laytons, Fifth Floor, 2 More London Riverside, London.

Negotiation and Decision Making at Mediation

Tuesday 8th October from 8:15am – 10am

This interactive seminar delivered by three experienced mediators will consider negotiating and decision-making in mediation and the importance of adopting the right approaches to both when you are a party or an adviser to the process. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

When agreeing to mediate, it is vital to your commitment to compromise and to the prospects of a successful outcome, that you adopt a clear negotiation strategy for the day, to know what success for you looks like. And, by adopting that strategy at mediation, you are then able to focus your attention and efforts on decision-making as the day proceeds. If you do these two things, the mediation day is more likely than not, to be a success for you.

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The Magic and Mystery of Mediation

Tuesday 8th October from 4pm – 6pm

Mediation is sometimes thought of as a magical process, that enables disputes to be solved, restores broken relationships, and reaches parts that other dispute resolution processes simply cannot reach.

Is this true, and if so how is it achieved? What are the magic ingredients that make mediation effective? And what happens when it doesn’t work – is that due to the process, the mediator or the parties? Does mediation succeed because parties want to believe in the magic, or because they are just worn down by alternatives? Are mediators conjurers, helping parties produce solutions out of a hat? How does mediation help solve the mystery of why parties are in dispute?

Listen to three highly experienced mediators talk about their reflections on mediation, drawing on practical experience gained from dealing with hundreds of mediations for parties in a wide variety of areas of dispute, including: the common themes of a successful mediation, the common reasons for failure; different formats and approaches; the roles of the mediator, the advisor and the party.

Note: some secrets may be revealed…

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Please join us for networking drinks after this seminar at The Shipwrights Arms

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