Six Reasons To Embed Mediation Principles In Our Business Dealings

It is sometimes said that up to ten interactions with a potential new customer are needed, before the requisite level of trust is established, to allow for a business relationship to commence and succeed.

Being an effective listener, being able to establish rapport quickly, with the ability to look at a situation from the other person’s standpoint, and being ready to compromise to get the deal done, are key qualities of the successful business leader.

They are also key attributes of the mediator. The business leader and the mediator’s aims are the same – to secure an acceptable outcome for those involved. The most common feature is the ability to establish trust if the discussion is to achieve the desired results.

These highlighted qualities and skills are also capable of guiding us in our everyday lives – they might be regarded as life skills.

Here are six reasons then, why we should embed mediation principles in our business dealings:

  1. They allow us to adopt a common approach in all we do;
  2. They are qualities our customers and colleagues will recognise and respect us for, and perhaps start to mirror;
  3. Over time, they will shape and define us more and at the same time, create for us, our own business modus operandi;
  4. They will help to build us a desirable reputation;
  5. They add to our business philosophies and benchmarks;
  6. They help us to contribute to building and maintaining a positive business environment and culture at our workplaces.

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Michael Farrier
Hexagon Mediation

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