Workplace Mediation Services

Our mediators are also experienced in resolving workplace disputes. These frequently include disputes between employees, between employee and employer or across or between teams or departments, and whether before or after the commencement of formal management procedures or legal proceedings.

Workplace Dispute Resolution Schemes

In addition to mediating workplace disputes, our mediators are also experienced in advising on, designing and introducing workplace mediation and ADR resolution schemes, to supplement existing workplace conflict management tools such as grievance and disciplinary processes.


We also provide business management and employee training on mediation principles and methods.


Whatever the workplace issue or conflict, we are confident our workplace services can assist you. Contact us for further details at :

Categories of Workplace Disputes we have Mediated:

  • Boardroom or senior management conflicts
  • Disputes between line management and employee reports
  • Conflicts within teams
  • Conflicts between teams or departments
  • Mediation as an alternative to, or to supplement, formal performance management (PIP) procedures
  • To restore or preserve working relationships following formal grievance or disciplinary management processes
  • To assist a return to work, for example, following maternity, sabbatical or long-term sickness situations
  • To assist director, partner or employee termination situations

News & Blogs

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